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辣木油 Moringa Oil


        Moringa oil is extracted from the seeds of moringa tee, which also known as miracle tree.


        Every part of moringa tree, from roots; leaves; flowers and seeds, they are proved to be nutritious. They contain more than 90 vital essentials that are important to our bodies, including: vitamine A, vitamine C, minerals, calcium, magnesium, potassiu, iron, zinc, amino acid, zeatin, etc...  

The moringa oil extracted from miracle tree could be reserved under room temperature for a year without any paraben. It contains abundant of nourishments that suitable for all skin types, since it's not only moistures our skin, but also provide nutrients to prevent inflammation and bacteria.


Sensual SHOWER CREAM moringa

資料來源:Melanie Wenzel:Moringa-Gesund

                    undschönmit demNährstoffwunder,2015。

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