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Product Catalogue (CLASSIC)


Non-greasy Fenjal skincare contains formula nourished with almond oil, shea butter and passion flower oil, helps to quickly absorb by different skin types of people for soft and glowing skin.

Intensive Care Hand Cream

Suitable skin types:Dry skin & Very dry skin

Main ingredients:Almond Oil & Shea butter

Other information:

​- Contains Vitamin E to provide potent anti-aging benefits

- No artificial coloring, no paraffin, no paraben & no silicone

- Absorbs quickly for soft, glowing, nourished skin 

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Sensual Body Oil

Suitable skin type:All Skin Types

Main ingredient:Passion flower oil

Other information:

- No paraben

- Passion flower oil provides a long-lasting hydration to restore the elasticity to skin

- Fast-absorbing and non-greasy formula

- A refreshing passion flower scent to relax

Classic Body Lotion

Suitable skin type:All Skin Types

Main ingredients:Pure plant oil & Oat extract

Other information:

- Contain Vitamin B, C and E to restore nutrition and hydration

- Moisturise deeply for a soft, glowing skin

- Refreshing herbal essential oil scent 

- Dermatologist-tested, gentle touch 

*Suggested to use with Creme Body Wash for better skin care result
Sensitive Body Lotion

Suitable skin type:Sensitive Skin

Main ingredients:Almond Oil & Oat extract

Other information:

No mineral oils, No parabens & No silicone

- Gentle effect and easily absorb by skin 

- Aloe Vera and Almond oil deeply moisturise your skin and maintain a long-lasting hydration

- Suitable for eczema

*Suggested to use with Sensitive Shower Creme for better skin care result
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