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Product Catalogue (CLASSIC)
Fenjal Bath Oil Set


A perfect bath oil set presented by Fenjal with elegant designs.

The Bath Oil Set contains 

1x Creme Bath Oil- Classic 50ml

 1x Creme Bath Oil- Moringa 50ml

1x Creme Bath Oil- Rose 50ml

1x Creme Bath Oil- Passionflower 50ml

Fenjal Bath Oil Set 50ml ( Limited)

Suitable for Dry Sensitive Skin

Main ingredients:Plant oil & Oat extract

Instruction for use:Squeeze a small amount of 10 -15 ml into the bath tub while in bath.

Other Information:

- Vegan formula, quickly dissolve in water and deeply absorb by your body to enrich yuor skin. 

- Effectively repair your skin while in bath

Having the softest of skin and the fresh of fenjal fragrance after used.

- 4 different scent bringing in an unqiue experience every time

For more Fenjal Sets, please visit:Able Health

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